AGOMOWO – AGOra of the MOdern WORLD

    “The World Heritage is Under Your Hand”

First of all,I would like to introduce myself.I am a Professional Tour Guide and work for 8 years in Turkey.Thanks to my profession,i have chance to visit many cities and some countries,in the same time met with thousands people.During these years,I have opportunity to see different cultures,even in one country.There are a lot of things to talk about guidelife but,in this blog,I prefer to talk about cultural products and .

    AGOMOWO, shortened of ‘’Agora of the Modern World’’,is a platform which cultural products are exhibited,introduced and provides easy access to buy and sell them.

    I would like to creat a platform, shortly called as Agora, is a name of market place in Ancient Greece,as literal meaning of word is ‘’gathering place’’
Cultural products have one foot in the old times and one foot in the present day.AGOMOWO;agora symbolizing ‘’old  times’’ and the modern world symbolizing  ‘’internet and present day’’
     My aim is to put together all cultural products on internet platform which provides giving information about cultural products with categorizing country by country so when visitors choose a country and they will get to know which country is famous with which cultural products.They can order and buy these products.As master,artisan or shop owner, you have chance to introduce,exhibit and sell your products.
   Soon,products will be exhibited shop by shop and country by country.Of course, I will write about interesting sides of these products.
Best Regards,